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Music lessons are perfect for anyone of any age and abilities that wants to learn new music skills, build their confidence and experience the overall benefits of learning music. Music lessons are so special because they improve students' overall cognitive performance; they teach students vital life skills like discipline, resilience, problem solving, and confidence, and they also provide them with a lifelong companion that will help them navigate life with more ease.


Find your voice and master the art of singing with our instructors

Students will have the opportunity to develop their voice and learn how to sing their favourite songs in a healthy and sustainable way. We focus on singing 101 basics, such as proper signing technique, the mechanics of breath, tone development,  posture, ear training, register and range development.

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


Experience the benefits of learning piano at any age!

You can learn how to play your favourite songs on the piano as we work on your your ear training, technique, reading skills, solfeggio and music theory. Whether you like pop music, classical, musical theatre, world music or jazz, our professional piano instructors have you covered!

Scene of piano lessons online training o


Benefit from the support of an experienced guitar or ukulele teacher

Want to learn how to play your favourite guitar solos or want to learn how to accompany yourself on the ukulele? Our skilled instructors will guide you through basic technique exercises that will help you get to your desired level. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students welcomed!

The girl sings and plays the ukulele. Th


Learn how to play the Violin with Amirali Kamali

Master the art of violin or kamancheh playing with professional violinist and kamancheh instructor Amirali Kamali.

Man with Down Syndrome Playing Violin


Learn to play the saxophone with professional saxophonist  Enza V.

Play your favourite songs on your saxophone. Our wonderful teacher Enza Volpe will guide you through your saxophone journey. She will make sure that you develop good habits and technique that will help you in your progress.

Jazz Musician


Learn how to play the harp with Kyle Mcallister.

Kyle is a low brass/ harpist based in Toronto, Ontario. Enrolled at York University as a Euphonium/Baritone, he found a newfound love, the harp. Kyle studied under Sharlene Wallace and received a full scholarship/bursary. Kyle now plays the harp with the Columbus Concert band, private Irish/Canadian Celtic concerts, and for features within the military.

Playing Harp


Want to learn how to write, record, mix and arrange songs from pros?

This course is offered by producers, composers, arrangers, multi-Instrumentalists and educators, Amirali Kamali and Agustin Nicolas. Amirali holds a Bachelor of Arts in composition/performance at York University. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Western Musical Composition at York University. He has been producing, composing and arranging songs since 2009. Agustin Nicolas is an emerging artist who has been producing, writing and arranging music since 2008. Agustin is currently composing, producing and arranging for his new project Gamas which is available on most streaming platforms.

Mixing Music


Empowering Students

Looking for fun drum lessons? We offer beginner to advanced drum lessons! Learn from the best!

Drummer Red


Overcome Learning Challenges

Want to learn how play low brass instruments? From beginner to advance, we promise you’ll be reading and playing your favourite brass instrument in no time! Our instructors help you work on your technical and performance skills while helping you develop a good practice routine.

Boy Playing Trombone
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