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A few words from the founder:

   It had always been a dream of mine to open up my own music school as my fondest childhood memories are those where I was playing and making music. From a very young age, I felt the absolute magic of playing music and started cherishing and nurturing a love and practice for music lessons. I was fortunate enough to have motivating music teachers who created a safe space for me to cultivate my love for music and explore my instruments. I would not be where I am without them. 

The Canadian Mobile Music School launched in April 2021as a result of the demand for online music lessons. We are now happy to offer in-home music lessons in the Montreal and Toronto area. 

Our lessons are offered by a group of professional musicians. We have combined our diverse musical and cultural backgrounds to offer a wide variety of instructional lessons. Our lessons are educational, creative, and fun! They place learning and creativity at the forefront of each lesson.  


We are very happy to answer all of your questions

The team at The Canadian Mobile Music School.

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