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Welcome to the Canadian Mobile Music School – where we're not just teaching music; we're redesigning music education!  Immerse yourself in an approach that harmonizes passion, creativity, and personalized learning. Explore our one-of-a-kind VIP in-home service, exhilarating group workshops, and after-school music programs!


Welcome to the Canadian Mobile Music School, where the magic of music comes to life! Immerse yourself in a symphony of possibilities as we proudly introduce a world-class music education experience. 

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Who We Are

The Canadian Mobile Music School is a pioneering force in music education, dedicated to reshaping the way individuals of all ages experience music education. Designed and founded by a passionate and devoted musician and educator, the school offers a diverse range of programs, from in-home private music lessons to engaging Musical Awakening sessions for the youngest learners and Music Therapy workshops for kids and teens.

We also wish to emphasize our commitment to make music education available for everyone~

Here's what we offer:​

  • Competitive rates for personalized in-home lessons.

  • End-of-year Recital where you or your kids can show off your hard earned new musical skills!

  • Convenient online lessons available.

  • All of our teachers are certified, experienced educators with verified criminal background checks. Your safety and happinesss is our priority! 

Private, In-Home, Online, and In-Studio, Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons are perfect for anyone of any age and abilities that wants to learn new music skills, build their confidence and experience the overall benefits of learning music. Music lessons are so improve students' overall cognitive performance, teach students vital life skills like discipline, resilience, problem solving, and confidence, and they also provide them with a lifelong companion that will help them navigate life with more ease. 

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Our Group Workshop Schedule is Live for Our Winter Series 2024!


Listen Up, Daycares and Schools! Our Fun and Educational After-School Music Programs are Live!

Elevate your students' learning experience with our unparalleled afterschool music program of Musical Awakening !  

Our engaging curriculum fosters a deep appreciation for music, encouraging creativity and cognitive development. Join us in creating a harmonious educational journey for your students and unlock the world of melodies, rhythms, and musical expression! Our program is tailor-made for schools in Montreal and is offered in both English and French 🏫 

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Booking a session with us is a straightforward process, designed to meet your specific needs, whether you're an individual seeking private lessons or a daycare/school interested in our after-school programs. 


Take a Look at Our Services

If you're considering private lessons, explore our diverse offerings, ranging from instrument-specific classes to comprehensive music education. Once you've chosen the perfect fit for you, simply submit your request using our user-friendly contact form, attached for your convenience. 


Submit a Request

Once you have taken a detailed look at all of our services and have made a decision on the service you are looking for, we invite you to fill in our Contact Form with all the pertinent information. A member of our team will contact you within the next 12 hours as soon as we have received your Contact Form.

What shapes our teaching methods

A child-centred and holistic approach with the goal of encouraging children to develop an inner sense of musical understanding and a greater understanding of themselves, relationships and the world around them.

Individualized Lesson Plans

The fostering of creativity and self-expression are our most important values as a business. Our lessons are individualized and adapted to meet the student’s needs and skills.

Our Mission

We understand the role that creativity plays in the development and well-being of children, adolescents and, even us, adults. Our lessons are created to help our students learn how to play/sing properly by fostering self-awareness, self-expression and self-compassion.